Rabu, 11 September 2013

Explaining to Egyptians that Ikhwanul Muslimin (brotherhood) is not the terrorist.

 Osama Hassan this sign (R4bia) belongs to brother hood ,they are terrorism i am Egyptian Our military forces and police eliminate the terrorism ,

Zelky Yusuf Daviler Anyway, what going on in Egypt? Who attacs Egypt?

Osama Hassan a group of people called brother hood , they are terrorists and they do violent actions and they have weapons . Our military forces and police with Egyptian people face them now

Zelky Yusuf Daviler Where do they come from actually?

Osama Hassan they are egyptian but they use the religion to achieve the authority and control the country . egyptian people eliminate them in 30-6 revolution after they lost the authority , they practice terrorism

Zelky Yusuf Daviler What do they want there? Do they want have the authority?

Osama Hassan exactly !!

Zelky Yusuf Daviler Yeah -,-
I hate people in this world who keep fighting because of the authority, they are too greedy.
Who is the precident there?

Osama Hassan Mr Adly Mansour

Gie Aikawa That's probably ur own assumption, Osama Hassan.
Please dont push ur personal thought to someone else.
The military forces is the crazy one here. Have no mercy, killing children and women. Just do everything heartless as a puppet.
Watch and read the news from trusted mass media.
Dont trust something just because of it's shoved into ur mouth.
I have heard a lot about ikhwanul muslimin, they do nothing but the kindness. U should think and do a research or sort of, before u gave an information to others.

Osama Hassan hahahahahahah , brother hood are terrorism don't listen to this man , i am Egyptian Our military forces and police eliminate the terrorism , watch how the media battle Egypt https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151807770023556

Zelky Yusuf Daviler Actually I dont know exactly what it's going on there, I dont know who is right who is wrong, hope by reading your conversations I get a little bit info about Egypt

Gie Aikawa Just because u are an Egyptian doesnt mean everything u said about Egypt is true.
Geez, u're one of the military's puppet, i guess
What kind of media did you make as ur basic assumption?
I pity you, u are an Egyptian but you bring ur nation dawn by trusting the wrong side.
While we are arguing who's wrong or right. Ppl just keep being murdered in Egypt. Military forces kill them all. That's what called as EVIL

Osama Hassan you don't understand the situation, i speak clearly our military forces and police eliminate the terrorism "brother hood"

Gie Aikawa Who said brother hood is terrorist?
Crap that all.
Why should ppl trust u? Just by seeing how ur beloved military forces kill the citizen does explain so much about who's the evil there

Osama Hassan my dear , i said to u before i am egyptian . brother hood fired many mosques and churches and there isn't in the Islam . they sniping people from the higher places . i know you are wronged because some media wanna destroy egypt but you must read or listen carefully and keep ur mind going on and think accurately

Gie Aikawa My dear-poor-deceived-Egyptian-fella.
Try to search some info from Al Jazeera or some other high-grade mass media to make an assumption, would you?
You are the one who should think accurately and carefully, it's about ur nation after all ~ but i do care anyway.
Ikhwanul muslimin (brotherhood) is the one who stood together to protect the Christian Church last 2012.
Seriously, ain't you read or watch the news? Or may be you just know about all of this matter from ur beloved military forces announcement?
Please stop embarrasing urself, i cant pity u more than this.

Ahmed Gad #gieaikawa who are you to said to osama that he not all Egyptian you are not Egyptian so don't talk about Egypt its our problem we are Muslim and we hit brother hood
 talk about your country if you can don't talk about Egypt are you under stand

Gie Aikawa OMG, here comes another one
Dear, Ahmed Gad.
what grade are u exactly? Ain't you learn how to read?
which sentence of mine says that Osama Hassan is not all Egyptian?
Geez, kids these days just so troublesome.

Ahmed Gad hey you don't talk about my country its not your country you cant talk about your country if you can

Gie Aikawa i wonder, why Osama Hassan took so long time to replay my comment. so that he called his friend out to get some help here.
listen kid, I dont care about you or ur friend.
i do care about my brothers who get killed in ur sacred country.
I am musliim as well. we are not talking about who's country it is, we are talking about humanity. how the military forces take life from so many innocent ppl there.
go to school, Ahmed and Osama. learn no crap.
make a useful matter of ur heart and brain.
think. think. think
dont let urself got deceived.
ur military forces kill the citizen.

Osama Hassan you aren't egyptian and tell us what happened . HOW COME ??
we know more than u , we see what happened with our eyes so keep calm, Okay Gie ,,,

Ahmed Gad you are so stupid i said we are Muslim and not kids iam young than you all problem Egyptian hit brother hood and brother hood want to control on Egypt and Egyptian not allowed to brother hood to control on Egypt and they have weapons and kill Egyptian so our army save us from brother are you under stand stupid

Gie Aikawa Ahmed, go to school and learn how to write or speak
you sound like no muslim at all.
and i cant get what exactly u are talking about.

Osama, say it while remembering Allah
did you really see with ur own eyes, brotherhood kill the innocent?
or, did you see the military forces kill the innocent?
Egyptian is Egyptian, truth is truth
in this case, I can't take Egyptian is the truth.
especially from some kids like you.
dont spread any slander just because you dont know what exactly happens in ur country.
they want you to hate brotherhood. so that they can kick Mursi out. then they can put another puppet to take Mursi place.
ordering around in ur country, ignoring the weaklings.
turn ur nation and muslims down.

Osama Hassan yes, i saw that :)

Ahmed Gad i swear you are stupid

Gie Aikawa you saw someone's being murdered and you put "SMILE"....?
MashAllah, what are you?
Thanks God, now I really enable to DOUBT this kid.

Ahmed Gad who is kids ??

Gie Aikawa And I swear to God you know nothing, KID.

Ahmed Gad how old are you
Ahmed Gad hahaha you will fast because really i saw

Gie Aikawa you think and act like a KID. that's why i call you KID
there's nothing to do with ages at all

and I think its just about time to get Zelky comes and "fix" everything. lol xD

Ahmed Gad are you know iam sure you are from brother hood because they stupid people and never under stand and say strange words such as you
Ahmed Gad you are donkey

Gie Aikawa big LOL xD
Ahmed, please dont show to everyone here that u really are a KID. the more you talk, the more you embarrassed urself
 that's so childish :)

Osama Hassan we are Egyptians , who are you to argue us , i deal with brother hood and know them correctly so stop talking and we aren't kids we are guys and the guys made 25jan and 30jun revolutions , i swear you can't do this in your country so keep calm and follow ur country news

Ahmed Gad talk more and more in your country no one know brother hood but believe me if you come to Egypt you will never can talk about brother hood we will kick your ass

Gie Aikawa I am HUMAN.
Osama, who are you to say that all Egyptian is telling the truth?
Gie Aikawa Kids, kids... calm down.
you really show your true face right now.

Ahmed Gad the kids who are you talk about them they save egypt from some terrorism that you from them

Osama Hassan i am a guy participate in the two revolutions and have a good knowledge to reply doubt about Egypt .

Ahmed Gad good osama so #gie what did you do to your country ?

Gie Aikawa so that you KIDS are together with the military forces has been killing innocent citizens.
I see... I see...
geez, I surely talk with the wrong Egyptian here

Osama Hassan you can't answer our comments and questions so you escape like mice !!

Ahmed Gad hhhhhhhhh is there wrong Egyptian and right Egyptian wow so in your mind right Egyptian who with brother hood and wrong Egyptian who love them country and against terrorism and hit brother hood thank you you are not fair you from brother hood the biggest terrorism in world

Gie Aikawa thank you for saying that I am with Brotherhood
that's quite an honor for me as a muslim
we could stand together to protect our brothers and sisters from being murdered by the army.
dont ask about my country, we live so peacefully and have no problem here
because we know what the truth and what the false is.
we can think using our brain clearly, not influenced by evil.
we're afraid of GOD. HE knows when we tell a lie.
Allah knows everything
Gie Aikawa Oops.
04.13 am here
need to off, kids
lets talk again later, after you read some books and gain some intelligence of course
see you now

Osama Hassan watch and know the truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgJ0BfWXixsGie Aikawa

 Oktavia Vivi Sarah stop it. just calm . wht talkng about? ! just calm.

Ahmed Gad #gie so now you say from brother hood in the first you don't say any thing and Allah know who lie don't worry

(next day)
Gie Aikawa Good day, everyone ^^
Shall we continue again?
But i think tht would be pointless since I still cant get what #Ahmad does try to say ^-^
I am sorry, my English is so bad

#Osama, thank you. Let us find together the truth. Wish Allah show us what the truth in Egypt.

#Oktavia, we are calm
I mean, i am calm.

Gie Aikawa Oh, by the way, #Osama
 Everyone could be able to put video in Youtube.
I mean EVERYONE can post EVERY VIDEO in youtube.
Thats why we cant trust every single thing just because that thing is posted in youtube.
 Try to check AL JAZEERA, would you?
As long as I know, they tell NO LIE.
When im searching for the truth, i hope u also do the same

Ahmed Gad #gie i think you didn't answer to any question you just say kids and bad language shut your mouse and don't talk about Egypt
Ahmed Gad your mother is machine Gie Aikawa

Gie Aikawa I never say any bad language/words towards you since the very beginning. Please reread all comments up there.
Im not the one who said something like "stupid" "donkey" or "your mother is machine" #Ahmed.

Learn how to speak and respect others #Ahmed. shame on you.

*end of the conversation*
mereka tidak datang lagi untuk me-replay komen saya yg terakhir.
Saya memang agak terpancing waktu berdiskusi dengan mereka^^'
tapi saya sudah sebaik mungkin berusaha menghindar agar tidak mengucapkan kata2 buruk.
bagaimana menurut Anda? Apakah saya sudah melakukan kesalahan?

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