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Explaining to Indonesian that It's Important to Care About Egypt

Ben Yusuf , Gie Aikawa for which pobud busy with Egypt. Do you care about what happens in our country. What do you think about this??? representatives of the people sleeping at the time of trial (red: talking about the pic he has posted, showing some authorities of Indonesia who are sleeping while the meeting's held)

Gie Aikawa, You are so damn selfish, sir.
have u ever seen how ppl get murdered in Egypt?
dont u consider them as ur brothers and sisters?
what if that massacre happen here, in this peaceful Indonesia, killing ur beloved family?
We are rich enough here, we can sleep well and make sure that we would wake up tomorrow without afraid of the bomb will blow up at our house.
if you wait to fix Indonesia perfectly before u care about others, then wait till the doomsday comes.

Ben Yusuf , why do you curse me. I know what is happening in Egypt. but it is not our business. lah let them settle his affairs. indeed we are a religion. and their relatives from the religion of Islam. but you never know that we deem brother??? try to think clearly do not just see what's going on because of murder or mayhem that occurs there.

Gie Aikawa, i didn't curse you, sir.
'Damn' in this term is not the curse. it's just used to emphasize that u are so selfish.
You know what happens in Egypt and you stay calm. wow, that's very kind of you.
It's not YOUR business, OK, but dont say it's not "OUR" business. Coz it's definitely my business.
Let, them settle their affairs, OK, but I cant stay calm if Ikhwanul Muslimin (Brotherhood) being blamed.
I'm thinking so damn clearly right now for GOD's sake

Ben Yusuf , ok i want to ask you the same thing, if you can save them from what is happening in Egypt??? of course the answer is no. we can only pray, mundukung it alone. even if you go there what you can to stop the chaos? certainly once the answer (who you are what you are Egyptian citizens) that are bound to happen. not believe try it. because that's what's on my mind, not because I am selfish or do not care about fellow Muslims

Gie Aikawa, YES, SIR.
You got the point.
WE CAN'T SAVE THEM, indeed. We can only pray, true.
Have you ever prayed for them? I'm glad if you did
I have no intention to come to Egypt.
What a little unworthy woman like me could do if I go there.
That's why I just keep posting about the truth. at least ppl know the truth.
if they know the truth, more aids will come, more prayer will exist, more supporting words will help to carry their burden.
That is exactly what I can do for them

(another Indonesian comes)
Yuana, fighting?

Ben Yusuf , That not fighting just only conversation only . hehe

Gie Aikawa, Yes, a very important conversation

Ben Yusuf , The above conversation seems like a fight. but it was only casual conversations. with two different idialisme.

Yuana, huftt..ok.dont fight ok..but what happened actually in egypt.sory since i live in the moon,i dont know everything about th earth haha..tell me please

(A Pakistani comes)
Ali Afraz Kolachi, I am realy support Rajab tayab ardoghan on this speach coz i know very well what the aim of Israil and america behind this Violetion in egypt jews wants to destroy muslims thats why they dont want that any muslim country country got Power. Well Gie good conversation Hatsoff to u (red: talking about this link:http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/israel-behind-coup-to-oust-morsi-turkish-pm-erdogan-says.aspx?pageID=238&nID=52876&NewsCatID=338 which I have posted before)

Gie Aikawa, Thanks for coming Ali. We are happy to have u here

Yuana, sounded nice topic.but why all of you bother about it

Gie Aikawa Yuana, there's a coup in Egypt. Moorsi won the election to be Egypt's President. But there's a 3rd power that wont allow Mursi to lead Egypt. Since Mursi is a good muslim and Brotherhood supports him. The military forces in Egypt started the massacre, they killed Brotherhood including the innocent citizens.

Yuana, gie@if i got the botherhood phone number i will call him directly

Gie Aikawa, Yuana, what will u say to Brotherhood then?

Ali Afraz Kolachi, Yuana why u call Ikhwan.ul.Muslimoon Brotherhood? What u want to say them?

Ben Yusuf , yes that is said by anggie.'s true, do not be too fanatical what is happening in Egypt. because it is not our business. we actually were so affair as the nation's generation. you try to see what is happening in our country you see people's representatives try to sleep while hearing what it's worth so that such representative or role model? what do you think. we did not like the conditions in Egypt. that every night was full of fear bomb fell on their house.

Yuana, stop the battle if youre a gentleman

Gie Aikawa, Yuana, Brotherhood didnt want war in the first place. Military forces keep murdering ppl. So u should call Egypt's military forces instead of brotherhood

Ali Afraz Kolachi, Yuana brotherhood is only Protest against Army action if u want to stop battle then call the Army Chief of Egypt.

Yuana, yeah i will call both.DIRECTLY!.rather than make such conversation.which would not effect anything.why so worry if you can just do nothing.ACT!this is important

 (Another Indonesian comes)
Wisnu Agustian, they are leaders from my society, and they only work sleep, work sleep, and work sleep again (Red: talking about the pic which  Ben Yusuf de Groot has posted)

Gie Aikawa, Dont worry @Wisnu Agustian and Ben de Groot. Our country problem is just so trivial to be compared with what happens in Egypt.

Yuana, oh sorry i wrong information haha (red: I dont know what she did mean)

Gie Aikawa, Yuana, what we do here is ACT as well
Act isnt always about come to Egypt and fighting. Act can be done also by spread the truth so tht a lot of ppl would aware about what really happens. Then ppl will send their pray and support.
That means so much

Yuana, no.is not enough.yeah like what i was say.call directly to them.so they will know.if u want to discuss about it you have to invited people around th world.so that would make little chance.o myGOD.I hope i can get theyre number as fast as possible

Ben Yusuf , haha gie ye not concerned with the problems that are faced this problem. like that is what makes the criminals the opportunity for corruption. and that in our country will probably leave as Egyptian. what do you think all

Gie Aikawa Yuana, my dear. If you could get their numbers easily, I will not bother to use internet for saying a word.
You said i have to invite ppl around the world to discuss about it?
Gie Aikawa, Well then Ben de Groot. I'm gonna leave this trivial matter for u. So please make Indonesia turns better. Right now, i have no time to deal with it. My brothers and sisters are dying in Egypt today

Yuana, where.just few only cme to your conversation

Gie Aikawa, Few is worth it than nothing

Ben Yusuf , Just only sayed WOW. Gie Aikawa What's in it for you. what they will regard you as a hero. Come to think clearly and healthy.

Yuana hahaha yeah the effect would just only 1%.dont get mad but this is the fact

Ali Afraz Kolachi, Yuana we both Gie and me searching the People who had Brotherhøod and at the same time Army chief's number when we get their numbers we will send u in msg oke

Gie Aikawa Tbh, Ben de Groot. I'm not doing something to make ppl call me as HERO.

Gie Aikawa, Yuana, Again, 1% is worth it than nothing

Ben Yusuf , never mind are endless. we'd better shower and enjoy the sunny weather. piss (red: perhaps, he meant 'peace')

Yuana, OK ALi.hahaha i like you..if like this i can take long breath now huuffff.thank you bro

Yuana, gie@ckckckck good soul hahaha next time make invitton letter to get more people on to your cnversation

Ali Afraz Kolachi, Ur welcome and now u also share this coz Aiman.al.Zawahiri waiting for ur call

(another Indonesian comes *late*) lol xD
Muhammad Rijali Riyadi, Okay, then the conversation ended peacefully again Gie...

Gie Aikawa, Yep, You always come late Muhammad Rijali Riyadi. I've handled it already. Peacefully, ofc

Muhammad Rijali Riyadi, Nice work. Different feeling and point of view may lead us into an endless debate.

Gie Aikawa indeed, Riyadi, indeed. previously with the Egyptians. and now with the Indonesian

Muhammad Rijali Riyadi, Sigh... I just can understand why some ppl being so sceptical...

Gie Aikawa, hm... hm...

    *end of the conversation*this post has been edited to make ppl could read it clearly.

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